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Warranty & User Agreement

Standard warranty language – parts guaranteed and will be replaced if manufacturer failure.

Warranty valid only on part(s) replaced during original service. No warranty on water damaged devices, jailbroken devices, rooted devices, and devices previously repaired by a third-party service provider.

User Agreement

I authorize a Tech Medic technician to perform repair work on my electronic device. I understand that techs have been trained to perform device repairs, but Tech Medic and its technicians are not an Authorized Service Provider of Apple Inc. Further, I agree to release, indemnify and hold Tech Medic and the technicians from liability for any claims or damages of any kind that may arise from any device repair work performed, unless it is caused by severe negligence of Tech Medic or its technicians.

I understand that Tech Medic has no liability for any data loss, which may occur as a result of work done on my iOS device. I understand that I have the option to, and I am responsible for backing up the device before allowing a technician to work on my
device in the event of any data loss and hardware or software failure.

I understand that repairs or technical support rendered by Tech Medic may void manufacturer warranties for this iOS device. Tech Medic does not assume any liability or warranty in the event that the manufacturer warranties are voided but may, at its sole discretion, offer its own warranty on the parts and/or services performed.